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In our Earthsong Hawai’i location we offer a range of holistic healing sessions, classes, and ceremonies offered by the stewards and other qualified teachers/healers who are visiting or local and want to share their gifts on the land.

Beyond the teachings of our fellow humans, we look to the examples in nature and the cosmos, sometimes foregoing rational logic and instead focusing on the feelings in the heart, listening to the voice of the plants, the biosphere, and the infinite space holding the stars and galaxies that surround and include the Earth.

Holistic Healing Sessions:

The stewards of Earthsong are both trained and experienced bodyworkers and holistic healers (see bios).

  • All sessions are integrative, intuitive and personalized based on your individual needs and desires.
  • Incorporating massage therapy techniques such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Thai Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Isolated Release, Reflexology, and Ashiatsu.
  • Infusing intuitive energy work, guided breathwork, sound healing, and aromatherapy with essential oils made from the land.
  • Globus Electrostimulator: We can implement the use of this machine as a stand alone session or as a compliment to a massage. It uses neuromodulation waveform technology for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, neuromuscular training, and sports performance.
  • If you’re seeking a personalized practice, ritual, or routine to improve your health physically and spiritually we can tailor a session or series of sessions incorporating different modalities to support you.


All of our offerings are available to our visitors by sliding scale donation.

Yoga Classes:

We explore all 8 limbs of yoga at Earthsong, and approach yoga as a way of life, which translates to the practice of yoga off the mat. Yoga, in its truest form is the never ending exploration of non-dogmatic spiritual connection and guidance in our thoughts, actions, and interactions with each other and the earth. Classes offered in our healing temple and in our Global Village Online will include but are not limited to:


Breathwork techniques ranging from a relatively simple practice to cleanse and purify to more in depth breathing to gain access to the cosmic plane.


The Sanskrit word Kriya can be translated into “evolutionary action”. This practice includes movement, mantra, mudra, and breath to move energy in the body and mind making space for healing and transformation to occur physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The term “kundalini” at its essence is not a yoga technique. It refers to the energetic current held in the base of the spine that with specific techniques and practices can flow upward, opening the energetic centers in the body(chakras)increasing our creativity, power, intuition, and much more.


The use of mantras are vast as each sound has its own frequency and the purpose of learning and working with them is not to understand their meaning intellectually and exactly – but to feel them on a subtle level.


The practice of meditation is pivotal in developing stillness and silence from which inner peace and inner knowing grow. There are many techniques of meditation, and ultimately they make it possible for the same outcome of relaxing the body, silencing the mind and gaining deep insights.


In Yoga the physical movements, or Asanas, are meant to move the energy through the body. It is a meditation in motion, using the breath and focused intention on each movement. Asanas can be powerful and activating like in Hatha Vinyasa or slow and nurturing as in Yin.

Therapeutic Aerial:

The use of aerial silk/hanging yoga swing provides the deeply restorative practice of therapeutic spinal traction & hanging upside down. This provides a release in the body that is otherwise difficult to attain.


The yogic path has been walked by many great scholars, writers, speakers, humanitarians, and activists that have shared what they’ve learned in texts full of wisdom that can apply to all walks of life. We share what we learn, and continue to invest in our learning by returning to the fountain of wisdom shared by our teachers and in the sacred texts that have stood the test of time.


All of our offerings are available to our visitors by sliding scale donation. You can view our current schedule of classes on our calendar.

Other Holistic Classes + Gatherings:

Sound Baths:

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of sound instruments including gongs, singing bowls, drums, guitar, singing, and tuning forks.

Women’s and Men’s circles:

Women and men’s circles are spaces for all who attend to be heard as well as to hear and find the thread that connects us all, utilizing practices and rituals to create a sacred container.

Cacao Ceremonies:

The plant medicine cacao drank in a ceremony provides heart opening and when mixed with other practices allows one to potentially experience profound healing and insight.

Massage Workshops:

Anyone and everyone can learn massage techniques to share with their loved ones. You’ll be guided to give and receive massage by a professional therapist.

Ecstatic Dance:

This is a sober dance party that is guided by the facilitator but also promotes free movement and expression.

New/Full Moon Fire/Song Circles:

Our fire circle under the stars is a perfect space to gather and tune into the cosmic energies. These ceremonies will include various practices, rituals, and the element of sound with the invitation to co-create songs using instruments we provide and ones you may have and want to bring along.

And more!

We invite local and visiting facilitators to share their unique medicine and gifts on the land.


All of our offerings are available to our visitors by sliding scale donation. Visit our calendar to see what events we have coming up.

Frequency Healing with BCX Rife Machine:

Much has been written on the life and inventions of Royal Raymond Rife and his use of frequencies to cure disease in humans and animals. Much is also up for debate as the medical establishment suppressed and destroyed much of his life’s work. However the work continues in the modern era, still living under the threat of official discreditation. But if one can understand that all matter in this 3D world vibrates, from the sub-atomic level up to the Galactic scale, then any doubts as to the effect of generated frequency(sound) on matter can be dispelled. Frequency is measured in hertz (hz, cycles per second) can be adjusted to target microbes, bacteria, viruses, parasites, as well as complement healing biological processes. Historically humans have used sound (and light) to heal since sound could be created by the voice or instruments. The Earth itself emits 7.83hz, called the Schumann resonance, which is known and documented as causing healing in all living beings***cat Hz, 432, 1028, shamanic sounds Through decades of research and experimentation, Rife frequency generators have thoroughly standardized the frequencies to affect positive changes in biology. Rife himself worked tirelessly for decades to find the MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) of thousands of microbes by exposing them to various frequencies and observing the reaction underneath a high powered microscope, for which he held the patent. With a BCX Ultra frequency generator, Earthsong offers experiments in this newer form of an ancient technology. Often within 1 or a few sessions lasting 15-60minutes, many positive effects can be felt. More information can be found:


All of our offerings are available to our visitors by sliding scale donation.

Earthsong Stewards and Healing Arts practitioner bios:

Elena Rose

Elena Rose

Earthsong Steward + Holistic Healing Artist

Elena is the child of professional musicians and has a natural inclination toward the arts. While she loves to write, draw, sing, dance, and act she also found she could infuse her creative and intuitive expression into the healing arts. Often thinking of the body as a canvas and bodywork as a dance.

Elena received her Massage Therapy Certificate at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in 2006 at age 18. Finding the healing arts at such a young age was life saving for the once troubled teen. She began working in the medical massage field for the first 3 years of her career forming a strong foundational knowledge of how to treat specific ailments and injuries.

Upon relocating to Colorado she started her private practice called Peace of Mind Massage(2009-2020). The creation, cultivation, and evolution of this healing arts center and it’s community became an on-going work of art for Elena. Soon after starting the business she hired Massage Therapists and practitioners of complementary services to work with her, helping one another grow and expand skills. This center would evolve to include a small eco-boutique as well as workshops and gatherings hosted by Elena and others sharing different healing modalities and spiritual practices.

In pursuit of her evolution Elena has had the privilege to do some world traveling including a lot of the time spent exploring the natural world, ashrams, temples, and partaking in intensive programs growing her skills as a healing arts practitioner as well as simply gaining more tools to be a mature and healthy human being. Elena has spent time living in India taking three yoga teacher training courses at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh. There she studied under Master Teacher Anand Mehrotra, learning the holistic yogic system. Prior to this Elena was an avid yogi, but her time studying at Sattva and exploring the source of where these teachings came from deepened her understanding and ignited her passion for sharing its profound wisdom with others.

Upon completion of her first teacher training, and onward she has been teaching the holistic practice of yoga including breathwork, kriya, mantra, asana, meditation, and vedantic wisdom. Elena is known for teaching with her passionate nature which inspires her students to embody their sensuality, fierceness, authentic power, and vulnerability. She has led groups in workshops, classes, retreats and festivals in the U.S, Australia, Asia, Latin America and in online courses. In addition to working with groups Elena loves to bring her background as a Massage Therapist into personally tailored sessions for individuals integrating touch, breath, and sound to help her clients release tension held in their physical and energetic body. In the last couple of years Elena has been guided to incorporate more sound healing into her work and believes the evolution of her healing offerings will be never ending.

Ryan Anthony

Ryan Anthony

Earthsong Steward + Holistic Healing Artist

Ryan had the good fortune of growing up in the Texas hill country, west of Austin. It was a type of outdoor paradise for a kid full of forested hills, spring-fed creeks and nearby lakes to run through and swim in. For that, a lifelong love and appreciation of the outdoors was fostered that always gave balance to the later years when a modern working lifestyle became busy. Ryan always was an avid traveller and explorer with a penchant for continuing education. It was appropriate that his studies at the University of Texas were focused on world geography. This led him to over 2 decades of frequent international travel to over 60 countries, multiple study programs and cultural exchanges.

The path to the healing arts for Ryan dramatically began with some difficult moments of physical sickness that led to a prolonged bed confinement in the early 2000’s. The moderate failure of western medicine to understand and alleviate the difficulty led to a personal exploration of a plant based diet as a form of medicine, as often espoused by Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the spiritually holistic body culture as expressed in Yoga.

In 2008 & 2010 Ryan studied and received his Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) to be able to work and consult with the mix of ancient and emerging solutions that the movement presents. Additionally the PDC offered ideas for methods of engagement with the earth itself that reflect a more timeless respect and comprehension of nature and its processes. This path opened up the door of opportunities to work on farms and eco-villages around the world whilst travelling.

In 2012, after having spent 5 years deep into a physical asana practice, Ryan decided to formally study yoga in India and earn his yoga teaching certification. Shri Kali Ashram was located in Southern India in the state of Goa and taught a traditional Kaula system of Tantra Yoga as an integrated spiritual science. The ancient system encourages the student to live to their full potential and celebrate life through recognizing one’s own Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha (liberation). Additional to the expansive asana and introspective practices, while at Shri Kali, Ryan learned the practice of ayurvedic walking massage that he has since shared with hundreds of others. Similar to well known Ashiatsu, and following a typical sequence often utilized in Thai massage, the broad physical pressure applied to the body with the feet relaxes, energizes and clears blockages throughout the nervous system and muscles. The massage can range from a general delicate energetic cleanse to an extreme deep tissue re-ordering of muscle fascia. Additionally it can be easily taught in workshops to others without the need for costly and cumbersome courses of study.

Through massage, body movement, nutrition, physical and mental exercise, spiritual practice, and appropriate use of medicines as needed, Ryan has come to increase his understanding of what is necessary to live in harmony co-existing with the present reality.

Elena & Ryan - Holistic Offerings - EarthSong Hawaii

With a shared passion for holistic health, we have come together to facilitate a healing, transformative, and liberating environment for all who are drawn to Earthsong. We are here to serve the land and our community utilizing our hands and our hearts.

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