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What does nature’s cycles teach us?

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Permaculture Education | 0 comments

Living immersed in nature can give one a deeper and richer relationship with the cycles of life and death.

At our off-grid earth ashram on the Big Island of Hawai’i we’re confronted with nature’s cycles on a daily basis. We aim to follow biodynamic farming methods passed down by the ancestors of the earth which teach us how to tune into the earth’s rhythm for best results when growing food. As an intentional community we aim to create an atmosphere where everyone is able to tune into their personal cycles and rhythm for their optimum health. For those of us who have been living in modern society for much of our lives there is a de-conditioning and re-learning that must take place from a culture that is greatly disconnected from the earth and nature’s cycles.

If one looks at much of “civilized society” there is an emphasis on eliminating the presence of nature or controlling it to fit the human landscape. We plant trees in concrete and fill landfills with our non-degradable waste while keeping the insides of our homes sparkling clean with chemical based cleaning products. For many, and for much of today’s youth there is more time spent on screens than outside on the earth. All of this disconnects and proliferates an idea of separation between us and nature, us and the Divine. It keeps us fearing the cycles of life, and dependent upon unnatural systems to “support life” that actually oppress it.

What does tuning into nature’s cycles teach us?

  1. Earth is here to heal us, if we slow down and listen.
    It is our belief and experience that the Earth holds all the medicine we need to heal, as much as that is not what the pharmaceutical industry would have us believe. The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit and all of life are energetic beings. Earth’s electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average. 7.83 hertz is also the human brain’s average alpha frequency in electroencephalography. Among the five main categories of brain waves, alpha waves, which stand in the middle of the scale, induce relaxation. The Earth’s vibration can be clearly measured in nature and in the ocean, but it is almost impossible to measure in the city, where man made signals such as radios, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, cars, buildings and the like override natural signals. The potentially damaging vibration frequencies caused by the technological developments of our time creates an environment that is out of tune with nature itself. The good news is, we can all take on the practice of connecting with the earth’s healing frequency by simply sitting on the earth, breathing, listening, on a daily basis, free of our phones or other distractions.
  2. Earth is here to teach us, if we are willing to learn.
    On our 3 acre natural oasis here on Hawai’i alone there is a potential for millions of unique life forms to flourish including fungi, trees, plants, flowers, insects, birds, amphibians, fish, and mammals. Humans living weaved into this small forest are far out numbered by all of the other beings sharing the land. There’s humility that comes with feeling so small amongst the gigantic presence in all of existence. Its in the seat of true humility that we may open our hearts and minds fully to absorb the wisdom of the the Masters in all those who came before us; The mycellium, plants, trees, all of the organisms that have inhabited the Earth long before us including our human ancestors. As a species we have lost touch with our innate inner wisdom which has led to mass confusion and conflict. Much of this loss can be contributed to the rapid way in which information is now spread. There’s much to be learned from slowing down and dedicating ourselves to the simple yet profound process in growing a garden that requires patience and respect of nature’s pace. As the creatures on this planet with one of the most complex nervous systems (that we know of) we are susceptible to over stimulation and glorification of intellect and knowledge. As Jimi Hendrix said “knowledge speaks and wisdom listens.”
  3. Earth is here to support us, if we are grateful.
    The scarcity mindset is fed constantly by news reports of the economy crashing, confirmed when we see the rising price of gasoline, and triggered by threats of food shortages. Meanwhile, the earth is literally throwing fruit at us, perhaps hoping it’ll hit us on the head and knock some sense into us. The Earth is designed to support us. If we need to blame our lack of resources on something it is the culture of capitalism as King, nature/human as slave to the Master that is money. However, we don’t have to blame anything or anyone. We can be empowered in the knowing that we are nature embodied in human form. The same divinity that throws fruit from the tree pumps the blood in our veins. We are not lacking in resourcefulness, especially when interconnected with supportive community. We might even be unstoppable when that supportive community decides to focus their shared energy and power on growing and building what sustains us. Is this a Utopian dream hippies made up? Or is that what you’ve been told to keep you trapped into a mindset of lack, scarcity, fear, and dependency on systems of authority? Are you ready to lay underneath a fruit tree and marvel at the abundance of support the Earth provides us?
  4. Earth is here to take us home, if we surrender.
    Embedded within every ecosystem lies a natural order. We see this in the presence of natural predators and prey, each playing a part in the wheel of life. Nature has a way of showing us, in plain, unapologetic view, that life and death are giving way to one another. Without the sustenance of the prey, the predator would die, and so life goes on in this circular breath. It is quite fascinating to observe the magic of fungi transmuting dead material and turning it into life once again. The letting go of one life gives way to another, and on and on. We see this in our lives as we end one relationship, leave one place, it gives space for a new beginning to blossom. Birth and death are the unifying factors in all of existence and it is also the source of great polarization. Fear of the inevitable leap from this known form to the unknown afterlife can be a great source of anxiety and dis-ease for people, especially those living in cultures that have lost connection with nature’s cycles.

    Perhaps the greatest lesson from nature’s cycles is to let go and trust the earth’s healing, wisdom, and support to carry us into the unknown. We can hold on tight or we can go in peace.

    What inspired this blog post? Indeed it is Scorpio season, we have a series of Scorpio eclipses happening that are all pointing to honoring nature’s cycles of life and death. On a more personal note, we recently lost some of our favorite farm cats at the same time a dog in dire need of care appeared, clearly and instantly transmuting our energy and love for the cats into this dog. It’s been a potent time witnessing and revering nature’s cycles. Here is a video we made sharing the story.

    YouTube player

    The first Scorpio eclipse came on October 25th and there’s another one coming on November 8th. This is a powerful time for transformation + rebirth. It is the time of year when it is believed the veil between the spirit world and the material plane is thinned. We can connect to these energies by meditating on the earth with the intention of listening and learning from nature’s cycles.

    Earthsong Foundation on the Big Island of Hawai’i welcomes people from around the world to live in harmony with nature…


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