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There are multiple ways to visit our Earthsong locations to partake in an experience of inner and outer exploration. Whether you come to rest, retreat, learn, or work you’ll be immersed in the local ecology. In an effort to make travel, higher learning, and holistic healing more inclusive, Earthsong offers all offerings and activities accessible by donations. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all charitable contributions are a personal tax deduction and go towards nurturing the land and expanding our outreach programs. If you’re thinking of visiting, here a few things to consider for off-grid, eco-living and sharing space in a natural environment:

1. Energy Conservation: We are solar and wind powered, working in harmony with the elements to live in a natural environment. Because of this one must be mindful of their energy consumption. Consider bringing your own solar powered batteries for charging devices as well as flashlight/headlamp.

Energy Conservation - Sun Beam - EarthSong Foundation
Meditating Frog next to Breadfruit (Ulu).

2. UnPlug: We encourage our visitors to detox from their devices and to take full advantage of their time here. We suggest this because with less interference one can hear the song of the earth in their own hearts. Thus, we do not have Wi-Fi internet. If you would like to use laptops/Wi-Fi devices beyond your phone signal you may bring your own hot spot device.

3. Sharing Space: Living in nature means you are sharing the space with other creatures including geckos, bugs, birds, and frogs. Be prepared to notice their presence, especially in the evening. Take precautions to keep doors/windows closed when the sun goes down and bring mosquito repellent/ointment with you. While you have space to yourself you are also sharing space with other humans and the earth itself. Be respectful, responsible, pick up after yourself, and leave no trace.

Sharing Space with a Gecko
Nature is Alive and Speaking to us

4. Nature’s Rules: Nature is alive and speaking to us. Sometimes her words come in heavy rains so be prepared with rain boots, warm clothes, and an adaptable attitude.

Hawai’i Eco-Retreat Location:

Want to travel to Hawai’i affordably and leave a positive impact on the environment and local community? Are you seeking nature therapy? A peaceful place to pen your novel or practice your art? Or are you wanting to spend time learning more about permaculture, organic gardening, and sustainable living? For you, we open our ecological community space and healing sanctuary. During your stay we can leave you to enjoy the land in solitude or you are welcome to practice yoga, garden, and talk story with us when we are available. We can also customize a private retreat for you, if you are seeking a personalized stay that includes a program of activities and offerings. We welcome solo travelers, partners, friends, and families from around the world who want to live in harmony with the earth and practice the art of living simply.

Hale Jungle is a 650 square foot two bedroom stand alone cabin with a full fridge, full propane range oven, kitchen sink, and enclosed 3 piece bathroom with septic tank flush toilet, and hot shower. It is situated at the front of the property with an old growth Mango tree, mature avocado tree, lilikoi vines, bananas, and malabar chestnut. The living space has an open concept with unique artistic touches all throughout, but of course the real attraction is outside. There is a spacious lanai to sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of tea and take in the sounds of nature. When it comes time to rest the Womb Cave is a cozy room with one queen bed and provides a perfect reprieve after a long day out in the sunshine. The Jungle Gym is a playful room with a bunk bed built sustainably out of local Ohia wood, with 2 queen mattresses. Perfect for families with kids! Up to 6 guests.

Hale Jungle Booking Form

Hale Mandala is a quaint 10-sided, decagon shaped one bedroom cabin featuring a built-in king sized bed, with attached lanai, outdoor hot shower, and outdoor covered 2 piece bathroom with cesspool flush toilet. The cabin has a two burner propane cooktop and a medium sized efficiency fridge with freezer. The open living room shares the kitchen space and features a two-person table and chairs, full futon pullout couch. Nestled into a fragrant plumeria forest and surrounded by fruit trees (Rollinia, Avocado, Papaya, Lilikoi), this cabin has been a guest favorite for privacy and comfort. Up to 3 guests.

Hale Mandala Booking Form

Treehouse with an Ocean View is a rustic cabin elevated above the ground on Ohia posts and surrounded by Iron Wood trees, Lemon Eucalyptus trees, and a Macadamia Nut Tree orchard. It is not literally a treehouse, but it has the feel of one. It is situated in the very back of the 3 acre property with expansive views of the Ocean. On the ground floor there is a deck lounge with a simple outdoor shower with hot water. Up the stairs on the 2nd level there is a wrap-around deck. Inside the door there is a basic kitchenette with a sink, 2 burner camp stove, and mini fridge, with large windows to enjoy the ocean view while you prepare your meal.

Inside there is a small living space with a convertible foldout bed and shelf. Separated by a curtain there is a twin bed and writing desk with stairs to the loft where there is another twin bed. For a total of 3 twin sized sleeping options.

A short walk around the corner from the cabin is a compost lua (toilet). The Treehouse is directly next to the Temple where you’ll find everything you need for meditation, yoga, and zen including yoga hammocks, singing bowls, and peaceful vibes. This is a very special place intended for those who want to find harmony living close to nature. You will be exposed to nature’s glory and feel like you’re living in a treehouse with the wind blowing, rain falling, and frogs singing at night. This is not a place for those who are sensitive to these things. Bring earplugs and a headlamp to walk the couple hundred feet from where you can park and where your cabin is located. There’s little false light in the off-grid retreat so on clear nights you can enjoy the stars and visible milky way.

Treehouse Booking Form

Artist Residency:

Are you an artist; painting / sculpting / woodwork / photography / film, etc.? We are calling in artists of multiple mediums to visit us. We offer a simple, peaceful, comfortable place to be, along with fresh produce from our garden while you do what you do best – create! In exchange we ask for you to contribute your artistic abilities to Earthsong during your stay. This could mean painting a mural in one of the dwellings, sculpting something for the grounds, capturing photos/videos of the place for us to share, etc. Another part of the exchange we will be requesting of artists is to teach the youth in our youth camps/programs about their artistic trade. We believe this could be very enriching for both the youth and the artists!

Length of Stay: 7-90 days depending on the project.
Includes: One private room or camp spot and shared bathrooms. Access to the temple and communal kitchen.
Sharing of the land’s fresh produce.

Application Form

Submit your portfolio via your website URL or a link to a shared folder on Google Drive / Dropbox / Microsoft OneDrive (enter below) with your form submission.
Please provide 2 references below:

Retreats / Events / Trainings:

The entire property can be rented for retreats, events, and trainings. Visit the retreats and events page for more information and to see what we have coming up or to apply to host your offering here!

Volunteer/Work Exchange/Student Internship:

If you have skills in the areas of construction, landscaping, and farming or if you are someone with sincere interest in honing these skills you may apply for volunteer/work exchange. Upon interest and availability we will reach out to set up a time to discuss more about the opportunity.

Application Form

Submit your portfolio via your website URL or a link to a shared folder on Google Drive / Dropbox / Microsoft OneDrive (enter below) with your form submission.
Please provide 2 references below:

Panama Homestead Location:

6 month minimum.

Indoor bathroom has flush toilet and gas powered shower/bath. Knowledge of Intermediate Spanish is recommended.

This one bedroom, completely open air home feels like a treehouse situated in the canopy of hundred year old trees about 20 meters(70 feet) above a gorgeous river in the Highlands of the Republic of Panama in the countryside, 3 miles (5km) from a small town and 33 miles (55km) from a small city. The property boasts a rooftop garden growing leafy greens such as spinach and katuk and there is also 2 acres of fruit trees and perennial crops growing across from the house, up the hill with breathtaking views of an extinct volcano, Cerro Tute.

If you are interested to find out more or to inquire about a future stay at our Panama location please contact us via this form

Earthsong Panama Booking Form