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Why you must reconnect with the earth now!

by | Jun 1, 2022 | Permaculture Education | 0 comments

Hand holding red and pink flowers

There has never been a more important time than now for you to reconnect with the Earth.

We’re in a time of rapid advancements in technology, global unrest in the form of war, disease, and inequality. There’s information and opinions being spread faster than ever before thanks to the technologies we have available. Because of this there’s mass confusion and disillusionment. Many people feel lost, without support, direction, and hope for the future. What can we do? If we are not engaging with nature on a consistent basis than we must reconnect with the earth now.

Nature is alive and speaking to us

Mushrooms growing in mulch - Earthsong Foundation Hawaii.

The earth holds wisdom that can not be googled. It must be felt and experienced through direct contact and connection. While there are many complex crises happening in the world, it’s the loss of connection to nature that is at the root of our global issues. Many people live in cities with busy lives making ends meet while others have financial security but are consumed by the material world. Children are growing up with much of their free time and even their school time now spent on screens. Playing outside no longer holds the wonder it once did because of the endless stimuli available on smart phones. There is not an emphasis in the Western culture to take time in nature. It’s widely accepted that there simply “isn’t enough time”. While those who live in rural communities, farmers, and indigenous peoples understand a far slower pace of life that is centered around and interconnected with the earth’s natural rhythm.

Hands in the soil planting

What are the benefits of reconnecting to the Earth?

  • Stress relief
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Slowing down and gaining patience
  • Inner peace
  • Practicing the art of giving and receiving
  • Satisfaction of sowing seeds and helping them grow
  • Strengthening the body and the mind
  • Learning from prolonged engagement + persistent observation
  • Connecting with our ancestors
  • Getting the guidance we need for life from life
  • Gaining like-mind community coming together to care for the planet

Women sitting on stone wall - Earthsong Foundation

If you have lived in a city your whole life or did not grow up gardening you might feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting your hands in the soil. While some people have green thumbs, there are those of us that feel like we have black thumbs! This blog is not being written by an experienced gardener or farmer. I grew up in cities and could not keep a houseplant alive to save my life. But, I grew up loving playing in the woods and felt especially connected to the elements – often singing and speaking my secrets into the waters and the wind. Now, I’ve found myself a steward of land and am building gardens and tending the soil for the first time in my 35 years on this planet. I’m sharing this so that those who feel intimidated by the idea of forming a deeper relationship with the earth realize that this is accessible to everyone of us. Engaging with the earth is an inherent skill we must re-remember! Here’s a little video of me building my first garden. You can Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more nature-focused content:

YouTube player

Some of our tips to reconnect with the earth despite location or experience

Maybe you don’t have access to land to grow a whole garden, but there are still many ways you can reconnect with the Earth and experience the healing and empowering benefits of doing so! I hope you find these tips beneficial:

  1. Find your local parks and make an effort to visit them all! Consider creating or joining a meetup group that meets at parks.
  2. Barefoot walking/running in said parks on soil/grass/sand. Your feet will get used to it and there are so many health benefits associated with connecting bare foot to earth.
  3. Grow fresh herbs/micro greens/culinary mushrooms – which can be done with minimal space/supplies/time.
  4. Look into community/urban gardens and find out how you can practice your gardening skills at these places.
  5. Trace your ancestral lineage. There was a time when it was essential to humanity to be engaged with the growing of our food in one way or another. Maybe your ancestors grew corn, wheat, or were fishermen. Try to connect with these traditions, even just by visiting farms that produce these things and learning about the process or by cooking meals with them.
  6. Make art inspired by nature. Go outside, seek out your favorite tree or flower. Bring your sketchbook or journal and draw or write a poem that comes to you while actively sitting with nature. These moments bring us guidance and inspiration directly from Source.
  7. Seek out natural medicine for your ailments! The wonderful world of herbs awaits you next time you have a tummy ache, cold, allergy flare up, hormonal imbalance, stress, etc. While there’s been a big push from big pharma to discredit the world of herbs and natural medicine in an effort to make a profit off of keeping us sick, the Earth continues to provide us with everything we need to heal and thrive, at no charge.
  8. Seek out volunteer opportunities that are centered around regenerative agriculture, land restoration, pollution and environmental cleanups, and animal sanctuaries. These types of initiatives require a lot of support and are always looking for help!
  9. Plan your next vacation at an eco-lodge or eco-retreat. These places are generally more affordable, offer worktrade/volunteer opportunities in exchange for your stay, and immerse you into nature and inspiring community.

The Earthsong Foundation is here to help! Visit our eco-retreat on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

We are passionate about sharing our love of nature with visitors from around the world. We offer a simple and peaceful space to be restored by nature’s abundance, and we’re always happy to have a helping hand in the garden! We can provide permaculture education, natural medicine, and plenty of inspiration for you to reconnect with the Earth, which is really just reconnecting with your True Nature.


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