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Our passion lies in gathering community and exposing people to the medicine of the earth. That is why we have created the Global Village Online. Here, we share monthly vlogs, classes, and virtual gatherings that give you a glimpse into the Earthsong Forest and a variety of insight and inspiration that comes through it and through those of us who are it’s conduits.

By choosing to be a monthly, annual, or one time donor you become a member of our Global Village and support our on-going efforts to preserve the land we steward, to grow food organically that we can share with the community, and to expand our social outreach efforts.

We will release one video per month. Live sessions will be announced as they are scheduled via our newsletter.

Videos will include but are not limited to:

  • Yoga Classes – all 8 limbs: Yoga is a holistic system that when practiced in its fullness touches and supports all areas of the human and spirit experience. Our yoga classes include kriya, breathwork, meditation, mantra, mudra, asana, and vedantic wisdom.
  • Rituals that connect us with the earth’s abundant medicine: Living so close to nature gains us deeper access to her wisdom, but it’s always available to us no matter where we are. There are many simple and profound rituals to connect, heal with and honor the earth and we are happy to be sharing these techniques with you.
  • Practical techniques for organic gardening: There are many processes that go into organic gardening from soil to seed to sprout to plant to harvest to processing to eating! Our gardening videos include practical step by step instructions on some of these processes.
  • Permaculture education: The principles of Permaculture go beyond agriculture. Permaculture education includes living in greater understanding with other humans to co-create a global village whose priority is the planet’s wellbeing.
  • Global Community Gatherings: We will broadcast live satsangs for our global village online, sharing what feels relevant, useful, and uplifting. There will also be space for Q+A and discourse amongst those that tune in and recordings will be saved for viewing later.
  • Vlogs: Our vlogs give you a glimpse into the Earthsong forest, community, and our sustainable way of life. The peace, the chaos, the creation, the destruction, the transformation within and without.
  • And much more: Between the Earthsong Stewards, our local community, and those who visit us, there is a continuous flow of creative energy. You never know what you’re going to get, who you’re going to meet, and what you’re going to learn in our monthly videos!

Global Village Monthly Donor

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What’s included:

    • $12/month donation
    • Access to monthly videos
    • Access to live sessions
  • Cancel recurring donation anytime


Global Village Annual Donor

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What’s included:

    • $108/year donation
    • Cancel recurring donation at end of term
    • Access to monthly videos
    • Access to live sessions
    • Earthsong Foundation T-Shirt or Tank Top
  • Annual Donor only pricing on retreats/stays with us

One-Time Donation

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What’s included:

    • $5 donation
  • Access to complete video library for 1 week

Existing members can log into your Member Portal:

Please note that we’ve received a few instances of customers not being able to complete the payment process. Should you experience this please contact us at or you can use the contact form by clicking on the Menu link above. We apologize for any inconvenience and we are actively working on identifying and resloving any issues with our website. Mahalo.

When you choose Earthsong Foundation for your online enrichment, entertainment, and human connection through technology you are contributing to our efforts in land restoration and preservation, growing food and natural medicine organically, and providing an ecological community space for learning. We look forward to sharing and connecting with you in our Global Village Online.