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The earth is calling, can you hear it?

by | Apr 4, 2022 | News & Updates | 1 comment

Earthsong Foundation Hawai’i welcomes visitors, volunteers, artists, and families who hear the call

Aloha, we are the stewards of Earthsong ecoretreat and organic food forest in Hawai’i, and the Directors of the Earthsong Foundation 501c3 organization as of February of 2021. In our first year of stewardship we chose not to publicly share Earthsong, and instead rooted down into the land and our local community. 2021 was mostly spent in purification and renovation, spending a lot of time and energy clearing the land of stagnant energy and over growth.

Ryan working in field

Fixing up structures the jungle had worn down, while trying our best not to get worn out ourselves. Tuning into the earth here and listening to its song in poignant moments of stillness aside from all the forward moving momentum and action. In these moments we asked the land to show us what steps to follow, what energy to call in, and what old constructs to reject. Much time was spent feeling into how we would approach sharing our offerings and opening our space with the wider community. We got clear that this endeavor for us is not focused on profit, but on sustainability. We have made it a priority to create a structure which makes travel, higher learning, and holistic health accessible and inclusive. As a charitable foundation our intention is to provide the space and resources for youth and young families to come here to learn, create, and play in nature – healing generations with earth medicine.

Women and children practicing yoga

As 2022 approached we felt it was time to invite the local community to come to Earthsong and we began hosting weekly yoga classes and monthly full moon ceremonies and community gatherings. The Ka’u community was overjoyed to connect in this way. We all collectively know now more than ever the importance of these sacred gathering spaces where people can breathe, move, and be together.

People practicing yoga on an outdoor deck

We felt the message that we were to launch Earthsong publicly in the spring, and we began preparing for this rebirth. On the spring equinox we had a land blessing with our local community which helped further clear the space to be ready to invite new energy in.

Flowers and crystal shrine

Earthsong Hawai’i welcomes visitors, volunteers, artists, and families who hear the earth’s call for care and reciprocity. Those who are ready to engage with this place with their full presence and energy. Who not only consider what they want to get out of their experience but what they want to give back. Who desire the space to learn how to live in harmony with nature, and with each other.

As photos and written words may not convey the emission of love we are aiming to transmit, here is a video with a personal invitation to Earthsong. Subscribe to the Earthsong Foundation YouTube channel for on-going video updates, but if you’re interested in longer videos sharing more in depth glimpses into the Earthsong forest, permaculture education, and holistic practices join our Global Village Online, which is our main way of connecting and sharing virtually.

YouTube player

We are so happy to have received the blessing of the land to welcome our friends, global community, and those who resonate with this message.

Mahalo Nui Loa,
Elena + Ryan
Earthsong Stewards

1 Comment

  1. Earthsong is a blessing for the land and people who are called to receive it’s offerings.
    The stewards, Elena and Ryan appreciate the opportunity to serve the land and community.
    I personally am fortunate to live nearby and benefit from the many modalities that this retreat center shares.
    I highly recommend others to experience the healing and beauty of this special place on the big island of Hawaii.


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